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  1. OK, so what's the plan for next week? You coming out? I'm stocking up on beer and red meat, so let me know. I'm ready!
  2. UVa game. I am predicting that Phillip is going to travel with the Ruston crowd. Lynne might come, but I do not intend to grovel before her to get her to make the trip. I wil try. If she does come, it's not an issue because, get this, we, gasp, share the same bed.

    I (we) can fly into Reagan on Thursday evening, and drive to Charles Town. That would leave Friday, Saturday and some of Sunday. Are you interested in hosting an awkward, conservative, libertarian, AMERICA loving heterosexual white guy (and maybe his wife) for a weekend? I'll bring steaks and shrimp and other good stuff (and I will cook).

    You'll probably have to get special clearance because I just flagged 90% of Eric Holder's sensitive buzzwords.
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