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  1. Good morning coach. Just wanted to provide you with a heads up. I have heard that the roster for next year will look dramatically different. Some players not returning. While she understood the limitations of this team (No point guard, Cleaver unable to provide much following surgery, etc.,) she is not happy how this team has competed this season.
  2. Lol. I agree with you about Curry. Would be excellent. Regardless, they need to make some headway this week toward a decision or at least finalize the list.
  3. Coach, I am hearing that Shereka Wright (Recruiting Coordinator at Alabama) might be in play. She was interested in the job prior to Tyler being hired.
  4. Yep that would be correct but and I have also spoken to SJK, she is absolutely interested in the job and she has been talking to LB, she is going to call me in the next day or so. She has asked in the past when she was considering the Houston job that I come on as her recruiting coordinator due to my ties thoughout the country but I am not in any way interested in living in Ruston, I am happy here in New Orleans just doing my thing from afar. LOL
  5. Hey coach, I didn't want to post on open board. I have been informed that the addition of Elzy as an assistant has been discussed. I believe that the deal could be to add her for 2-3 years as an assistant with the idea that she moves to head coach when Demoss retires. Nothing confirmed, just information shared by a parent in the loop.
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