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  1. I am confused. But anyway, you had a good experience. Is there anything I should pass along to my son/daughter-in-law re: buying foreclosures in Texas? Any pit-falls to watch for? Thanks.
  2. Must have been someone else. I bought a foreclosure in 2010, it was a good experience, but I took several courses on how to do this in Texas. It is a lot of STRESS and works better for a single person than a married couple.
  3. About 10 years ago, or so, you told me you had bought a house that was a foreclosure but something not-so-good happened. The former owner was able to get the house back.....something about Texas law. My son and his wife are getting into flipping houses in the Houston area and have their eye on a couple of foreclosures. I told them to hold off until I could learn more. So....can you fill me in, please. Thanks.
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