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  1. Hi, this is Bryan Cordill. Eric is my sister in laws cousin. We are in the propane / outdoor kitchen business. I don't know if you have seen team grills. this is a little short notice, but i just got the order form for their pre-season (only season) buying . They currently do not have Tech grills, but they have a note that w/ an order of usually 200+, they will get the liscense. I know that is a lot of grills, and I def. couldn't sell that many. But didn't know if you would like to pursue it with us. OR at least put it out to BBB and see if there is interest. unfortunately, the order window is sept 30th. All of the other grill sales in this area go through a distributor (which we are a customer of) so not sure how this would work, but can talk about it if you want to.

    318 324 8884 at work, and i should be in most of friday. Go Dawgs.
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