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Dec 22, 2018 | ESPN | 9:30 PM

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  1. Has T-Spoon hired a coach?
  2. Keep up the good work champion. I'm so excited about the NCAA Tournament.
  3. I know you're jumping for joy right now haha...but we are all happy for T-Spoon!
  4. You parents sounds like good ol' Lady Techster fans and that puts a smile on my face. And if they come to you for all the news, then I would like to do.

    Barmore back to Ruston? That would be quite the story and I'm sure I will be around to see it LOL. I respect CL cause he is the current coach but being the Lady Techster WBB coach is no joke. It's like all the premiere jobs in WBB and you have to be on top of your game in all facets.

    I'm sure we both will continue to support CL at the helm of the program but he has a lot of work to do. But it does make it somewhat easier that T-Spoon is on staff because she is gonna be a recruiting guru. Her contacts and connections are from West Coat to East Coast...and I'm sure she has some international connections in there too.
  5. Yeah, my parents are there for every single one. You can't get them to miss one. However, they call me for all the news. LOL

    I really do think we will see Barmore again. He is brushing up now and has a great relationship with Spoon. That will be one exciting day. There will be some changes in the future to get us back to the top. Good changes! Don't get me wrong. I like Coach Long a lot. We email back and forth and I have wanted nothing more than for him to be able to get us back to the top. Spoon being here is a HUGE help because she can get in those recruits that we need. Whatever happens happens, but I am optimistic about the future.
  6. That's cool that your parents have season tickets and go to all the games. I'm sure they have good looking sames. Games at the TAC are great because the lower level seating is so close and right on top of the action.
  7. You really think we could see Barmore again in Ruston? I know he's in his 60's now but you never know now-a-days. Heck, Joe Pa and Bobby Bowden are on the sidelines still and Joe Pa is like 82 I believe lol.

    I did read that KM gave Leon the "sweet deal" of coming and going, limited travel/practice commitments, etc. That's pretty cool but I'm sure the young ladies take advantage of everything he says. I wish I could be coached by him.

    What is Sonja Hogg up to of late?
  8. I live in Texas and make every game I can. My parents have season tickets and don't miss a game. I make every game I can traveling in, though.

    I think that is exactly what Barmore is doing. He is getting his feet wet again. In my opinion, you could see Barmore and Spoon on the sideline together at Tech in the future. The reason he is not on our sideline right now is that Kim offered him a sweet deal. He can come and go. He is under no obligation to travel with Baylor and has no obligation to be at practice, even though he is at most. He is truly part-time. We couldn't afford a part-time position. We had to hire a full time and we got Spoon with that money. My signature shows Barmore's quote AFTER he took the Baylor position. He has never said anything without meaning and I take that quote to mean that he will return.
  9. What's your favorite Lady Techster memory during the NCAA tournament ONLY? Favorite Lady Techster of all-time? I am a bit shocked that Barmore came out of retirement but seems like he was "bored" from all the articles I read about the articles.

    What is your opinion about it?
    Maybe he wants to see if he still has it in him and I think he actually does.
  10. That's really good that you have stuck with the team through and through. It's funny how BU Lady Bears now has/had all "our" coaches but it's all good. I know we will return to a national contender and do well very soon. I can't wait to see when that day happen. Do you have season tickets?
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