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  1. Hey Ross, last year when I won the BBB pick-em challenge I had to pay for this last year's recruiting access and didn't get the free year. Not a big deal. I was wondering if you can tell whoever so I can get that free year this year. Mine runs out on Feb 4th.

    Thanks in advance, PTDAWG
  2. Hey Marketdawg! I just saw where I am supposed to PM you for winning the BB&B pick-em contest earlier this month. I would like the 1-year recruiting access since mine runs out this month. But if it is OK with you I would like to donate the $100 gift certificate to Maxwell's grocery store to a needy family in your area. Maybe you know someone that needs this as it should buy someone a little bit of food. Just let them know it is from a Tech person. PM me back if this is OK. Thanks and GO DAWGS!

    Chad Farrar

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