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  1. Now up in bulverde. Saw you at the tech game in San Marcos 4 or 5 years ago and.called to you in stands. But you are a navy guy so I understand /sarc.

    Lived in rogers ranch back then so I think that is close to where you live.

    My youngest brother moved back to Ruston earlier this year, so we bought season tix together. 50 yard line, row 10, east side. I plan on going up there several times this year if you wanted to go to a game. Let me know.

    BTW, I work with a "young Annapolis grad" (maybe 45) P3 guy who claims to hve the latest sub kill for the good guys. Only problem is it was one of ours he got the kill on. Good story over a beer.
  2. WWdog here. Where do you live in SA? I live just off I-10 in Crownridge. BS Math 1974.
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