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  1. Travis,

    We met the weekend of the Nevada game last year as we sat together and had dinner after the game. How's it going up in God's country? With the price of oil up again I hope you are getting tons of work per your land services. Are you coming down for the Shreveport game against A&M?

    You also met my son, Ross who is 26 years old, that was with me as well. He is a recent grad (EMT/Paramedic) and is now living in Carbondale, Colorado. You mentioned that your wife ran the hiring for some of the medical community in Aspen and the area and we were wondering if she might be interested in interviewing him for a job. His phone number is 903-954-0084. I know I'm partial but he is a great young man and would work hard for her and the medical community as he is really wanting to make a new life for himself in that part of Colorado. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much!!!

    Ray Weaver
    Class of 1977
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