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  1. Sorry, but I'm not a crawfish boil kind of guy, more of a steak and potatoes man. :-) Hopefully, the alumni group will have a Texas Rangers baseball game outing this summer like they did last year. My wife, son and Stephanie all went to it and had a great time. Take care.
  2. Thanks. We are planning some stuff for the fall. We are going to have a happy hour in May and then the crawfish boil too. I am going to try and have something for the area alumni very couple of months to keep support up.
  3. Ben, congratulations on being named "Young Alum of the Year". The story in the Lousiana Tech Magazine is well done. And having you pictured with a soccer ball in hand is very fitting. Hopefully there will be a football game watching party or 2 next Fall. I enjoy going to them. Take care.

    Glenn Hinz
  4. I know you were involved with recruiting coach Sherry as head coach for the women's soccer team. It sure looks like he was an excellent hire. Those Lady Techsters are off to a great start. It sure seems that they have turned the corner with much more success lying ahead. Congrats to you for the role you played in this.
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