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  1. Hey Coach , its amazing how many people are EXPERTS is'nt it. I have a lot of free time at work wheen this chemical plant is running good so I pass the time reading this.
    sulphur is down a little this year, they are a little young. I go to a few of theis home games every year.My wife teaches in middle school here so she knows a few of the kids every year. The coummity really backs the school here. I work with some guys that we played aginst. they dont rub the butt whooping in to much they are pretty good guys. Tim does'nt ride any mor but he raises a few bucking bulls and brings them to some off the youth and high school rodeos around here. His son is learning to rope and steer wrestle.He is in the eigth grade. Mom is doing well. She is still working but is starting to consider retireing. take care Wayne
  2. Wayne, the people on this board need to get a life and let the football team alone. They don't have a clue about what the coaches and player are going through or how difficult it is to win a game in the WAC or any other conference. I read some of the STUFF that they write and laugh and sometime I want to reply until I remember that they don't have a clue about the game of football. Anyway, be as it may, I think our Dawgs will struggle for a long time in D-1 football. How are the Tors this season? I can remember them putting a a-- whooping us in '74. You remember that? I had never been to a stadium where the home fans took up all the seats on the visitors side of the stadium. Good to hear about Robby and Tim. Is Tim still a rodeo man? How is your Mom doing? Does your Dad still ride that motorcycle all over the country? My wife and I went to Oakdale last weekend for my 50 year high school reunion. I am a member of the class of '58. We had a great time visiting with classmates from yesteryear. The OHS football team has played Ringgold three years in a row for homecoming. Won all three games by thirty or more points each time. Wonder how much they pay them to come down to Oakdale each year. Good visiting with you again. We will stay in touch. Coach Hays
  3. Hello Coach, good to here from you. I have been working in Sulphur for 18 years now. I work for Westlake Chemical Corp. I am a process operator in a Styrene manufacturing plant. I have been married for twenty years now an we have one daughter that is nine. Robby lives in Kansas City by mom and Tim and his family live in welsh. I too am starting to relize the aging process but i guess we just have to learn to live with it. I also like reading Coach Slaughters coments on the football board. Sounds like he keeps them in line on there. good to here from you stay in touch. Wayne
  4. Hey Wayne. Good to hear from you. It's been a long time. Where are you and what are you doing for a living? Are you married and do you have children? What about Robby and Tim? I saw your Dad and John Robert last year at Techs homecoming. I told the sports writer that wrote that article that he must have been at the bottom of his barrel when he picked me to write about. I'm afraid that I don't know many people on this board and the ones that I do know you may or may not know. I love to read Slaughters comments and I say very little. We are doing fine considering the aging process. These "Golden Years" are not all that they are cut out to be. Lots of aches and pains that you have to live with. I do a lot of baby sitting as six of my grandchildren live close to us and I go a lot of ball games and sit in the press box and don't make any decisions and agree with all the decisions that he coaches make. Forty years of that was enough for me. Again, good to hear from you. Take care. Coach Hays
  5. Hello Coach Hayes. This is Wayne Williamson. I saw the article about you posted on here a while back. I hope you are doing well. Its good to here about my old coaches from the best years of my life. If there is anyone else on this board that I might know let me know, I have pretty much lost contact with most of the people from those years. Wayne
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