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  1. Congrats on being a fan longer than me and a player longer than my son! That is an awesome accomplishment. I plan on racking up the years myself. Sounds like you must of had a great player/coach/parent relationships in your heydays. I could care less about a relationship with a coach. Those relationships are for the coach and the player. They have no clue who most of these players parents are anyway! This is football, not a beauty pageant. If a coach cannot handle criticism from a "football fan" then they need to find another profession. Football coaches do not need a sugar coating from a football players parent! Have a great evening! Life is too short to piss on!
  2. I've been a Louisiana Tech fan longer than you and a player longer than your son. I have some insight into parents and their relationships with coaches. So piss off.
  3. I appreciate your red dot! It makes no difference if I have a son on the team or not! My comments on CF are based on his poor coaching performance up until the Utah St game. He can still wear his skirt to the microphone. Your comment was piss poor as a fan of La Tech!
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