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  1. Thanks for the welcomeTechDawgFan!! got myself a jerk rating on my first day for rantin my frustrations but I'm an x girls basketball coach who has helped many of my girls get to the DI level. I have never believed in pussyfootin around and I call it like I see it and I tell it like it is and sometimes that's probably a little to much for some folks to handle but I love myTechsters. Want to see all of them do well and this program get back on a winning track and return to theTechster tradition of always bein in the top 25 and considered one of the top programs in the country. So if you feel like I'm goin off on the kids or Spoon it's not intended to be negative it's just my assessment or opinion of certain aspects that I believe are missing or not established or methods I believe that would help theTechsters achieve their full competency and realize their full potential. I can't help myself I'm a basketball junkie!!!
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