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  1. My wife and I both work in Salem. Connie's nephew is Brian Rike, who also played for Tech and went through 6 years in the Rockies minor league system. Finally finished his degree at Tech and got a regular job. We enjoy Oregon, but I sure miss going to all the Tech games. i had season tickets to everything when I lived in Ruston.
  2. Beaver-Dog, I noticed you are in Jefferson, OR. My husband is from Medford and his dad and brother still live in Salem, and an uncle in Junction City. I was there last year to see my son, ex-LaTech player, Ryan Gebhardt, play for the Hillsboro Hops (Diamondback affiliate). He's still in AZ at Spring Training right now and it's looking like he may be going back to Hillsboro. You should take in a game if you get the chance, at the NEW HOPS field! It's really a nice field. Here's the link to the schedule:
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