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  1. Sorry, I didn't answer your message. Haven't checked this area in a while.

    It was a great experience! I had started to leave the state fair game when Bradshaw threw the pass to Liberto. I was standing near the end zone when Bradshaw let it fly. Unless my memory fails me (which is entirely possible) he threw across the field as well as down the field, and Liberto caught it in stride.

    At the Alabama game they had us sitting in the end zone where Cangelosi caught the pass. I was jumping up and down like a teenager on aluminum bleachers. It's a miracle I didn't break a leg.

    You may not remember, but our kicker barely made the extra point, and then on the kickoff Sean Alexander lateraled to someone and that guy was running down the sidelines with a couple of blockers in front of him and only one Tech player in sight. Somehow number 40 slipped between the blockers and made the tackle, else we would have lost!

    I was worn out after the game, and my voice was shredded.
  2. I envy you for being at both games-- what great memories
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