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  1. My wife was the same way. Don't worry about being opinionated, it's what we come here for opinions. If someone is taking this crap too seriously it's their problem. Most everyone knows it's an interent message board.
  2. One thing is for sure, I am opinionated....possibly to a fault. My wife, 1991 Homecoming Queen (she hates that, I still brag) brought the flaggers to my attention a few years back......I agree, it is awful. Dawg Dude hit it on the the head, not so much that guys were doing it, but that they pranced around......oh well.
  3. Geeze we have some sensitive folks on this board. Even the women I know had a hard time watching the male flag girl. Can't a guy have an opinion and prefer to look at women rather than men around here, lol?
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