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  1. Not a cop.. just work FOR them. Quiet honestly, it's not a FACT; It's your OPINION. Policing differs from City to City, Parish to Parish. Here in Shreveport, you aren't going to get many tickets because they actually do get alot of calls that are "more important" or more urgent than someone driving in the left lane. Also here, the PD actually only gets 1 - 2 % of the money from a ticket. The rest goes to the courts and the City Marshals. There is a traffic unit that their main job is to write tickets for violations, but the regular patrol officers don't really care to write tickets and will let you off with a warning more times than not (unless you're a prick to them).

    Oh and considering that EVERY TICKET can result in a fine, how can you say that they only write tickets that result in you paying a fine?? That's true for EVERY TICKET!!
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