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  1. That's the one! My in-laws own some land out there and now that he's retired I think that we spend more time with them there than in Lafayette. I go back and forth between enjoying the peace and wishing I had Internet access
  2. Talk about belated - I just read your "visitor message." You mentioned "Fishville" The Fishville? Little River? Highway 8? I grew up in Jena. If you hung out at that Fishville, you, indeed, were isolated from the hustle-bustle for certain.
  3. Thanks. Sorry for the delayed response. I've been out of touch in Fishville, Louisiana, if you've ever heard of it. Afraid that I don't know of Covington. Tis a big state and I live in a very small town in it.

    I look forward to our OOC games against one another. That's one time when I definitely won't be rooting for you.
  4. parialex:
    Welcome (belated) to BB&B. I have to ask you this knowing it is a long shot, but are you familiar with a gentleman by the name of Richard Covington? He shows up all over Montana, so I thought I'd ask. Also, you are gracious with your comments in your first post. Tech is indeed a huge pleasant spot in my memory.
    Again, welcome to BB&B, don't be a stranger, even after all the realign hullabaloo.
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