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Nov 17, 2018 | 2:30 PM

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  1. Why do I have a G.A.T.A banner????? Just found it. I am hanging onto it until the Grambling game......unless there is a search party looking for it!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hey Adam.....bringing 4 adults and 2 kids extra Saturday. If you hear of any extras, please snag them. We will be there at 1, so we can bring dessert?????? ha ha. Let me know if you want us to bring anything. LIs is a go on Gumbo for the last game if needed. Thanks
  3. This year we are asking people to bring sides. A bag of chips, a bowl of dip, a thing of cookies, etc. What ever you want to bring would be fine
  4. Hey Adam, need anything for Saturday? We are coming, but Walker has a game at 11:30 so we will be there around 2:30. Trying to drag Marty and Denise ovr there. Let me know if anything is needed. Thanks
  5. Westv is begging for a tailgate invite, did you see that??
  6. Did you send me something???
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