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  1. Sounds like your cousin's company may be able to use either option. If it is easy to reverse engineer the process (without improperly gaining access to confidential information), patent may be the best option.
  2. The process is new. The equipment is not. It's really a cool company. You can check them out at The have tennis centers ship the balls to them, they pressurizer the balls and the sell them back to the centers at a fraction of the cost of a new tennis ball. The also take the ones that are too worn out to use again and donate them to schools and nursing homes etc. to be used under desks or walkers. Thanks for the info. I hate to hit you up for free legal advice but I didn't think you would mind, or you would say so, lol.
  3. If you want to protect the idea, you only have 2 options:

    (1) keep the idea a "trade secret", but this only works if you can actually keep the process a secret (including having people that work with any of the equipment sign a confidentiality agreement), or
    (2) patent the process or equipment, but this only works if the process or equipment is new and non-obvious in view of that which is already known.
  4. My cousin has a company that refurbishes tennis balls called Rebounces. They have not patented the process that they use. They spoke with a lawyer who advised them that they did not need to. I don't know if they got good advice or not. Let's just say that anyone with the right equipment could do this but no one else does at the moment. If they want to keep control of their idea do you think they need a patent?
  5. I totally understand. I have a hard time resisting too but then I see the mindless crap that he writes and I just remind myself what an utter complete waste of time it would be to argue with him. I don't think he even believes the crap he writes.
  6. I am thinking about putting him on ignore. I try not to respond to him sometimes, but then I see one of his posts, and I cannot resist.
  7. Teabag is making the political board unbearable for me. Every thread is getting into an argument with that guy and he is without a mind. What do I have to do to get you all to stop debating him?
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