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Geaux Dawgs

Am I going to get any work done before until DEC 30??

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Why do I feel compelled to sit at my computer and view every post? I am hanging on every word regarding Dooley(glad that one is over), who will Tech play??, who is Dooley bringing in next year??? If I was not my own boss I would fire my ARSE!!! Anyone else out there finding it impossible to get anything done??? This is just awesome, Tech in a Bowl,Tech on the rise, Tech having a very young team only getting better!!!!!!!!! I put December 30th as I will need the 29th to recover!!!

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  1. GonzoDawg's Avatar
    I'm definitely fired up as well. It's good to be a Dawg fan.
  2. DocMarvin362's Avatar
    Don't forget about the Friday as well. Make it your own TECH Christmas. (Thursday through Monday)