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The Germans are coming!


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So I'm watching the USF vs. West Virginia game and I can't help but thinking; Who the HELL is USF??? Seriously were did they come from?? They get a football team 10 years ago, and now are in a BCS league and ranked? This was bugging the hell out of me then one of the annoucers made a comment that got under my skin:

The Big East and CUSA commissioners did a good job finding this little school in this big market and tapping it's potential, think 10 years ago none of they didn't even have a football team blah blah blah
Now you and I know the College Football is a business if you don't sorry to burst your bubble, oh and there is no Easter Bunny either. However the business was to build a loyal fanbase based on hard work, traditions, and somewhere at the core a love for the Alma Mater that gave most of the fans a fighting chance in the real world. The coach made the team the best they could be, the AD and President sold the product and built the fanbase, if it was good enough a BCS conference would come calling. But USF seems different, it wasn't built by the blood, sweat, and tears of the university and it's faithfull, instead the conference corporations came to them and propped them up and helped them skip the whole tradition and fanbase thing while looking at the size of the market and untapped dollars they could be getting. The NFL does the same thing while looking at possible expansion/transfer cities. And what happened to these conferences? Nothing, if the NCAA doesn't mind this happening then they need to start paying the atheletes and let me go find another sport to watch.


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    Sad but true. I think a big part of Tech's problem is that the N. La & S. Ark market is not big enough. As in not enough TV sets, radio's, cell phones, computers, and most importantly, well paid potential customers using all those devices to see advertisers messages.