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  1. Guisslapp
    Anyone building something presently?
    I'm currently working on putting more mods into my truck..
    exhaust, cold air intake, fog lights, wheels and tires..

    If that counts.
  3. Guisslapp
    Sure it counts. You gotta start somewhere. What kind of gains are you expecting from the exhaust and CAI?
    Banks Monster exhaust should give a mile or two per gallon and about 10 hp. I don't know about torque.
    Volant intake should give a couple miles per gallon and about 10 hp.

    Also a 2 degree time advance should give me some more low-end power.

    So all in all I'll probably go from 17 mpg to about 20. And from 330hp to about 350.

    The Banks exhaust sound is unbelievable though.

    Also a leveling kit.
  5. Guisslapp
    Blew an engine in my RX-8 and am getting a new one. Fortunately, I am still stock so it will be covered under warranty. Once I go FI though, I will bear all the risk on future blown engines. I think reliability upgrades like a tranny cooler, a second oil cooler, and a new radiator will be my first additions. A handheld flash tuner and a dual-resonated midpipe will probably be in the second round of upgrades. Suspension and wheel upgrades will have to be worked in somewhere - either before or after the midpipe. I am thinking about adding boost after all of that.
  6. DogtorEvil
    I just about bought an RX-8when they first came out, but backed out at the last minute. Great handlng, but not enough HP.

    I would really like to get one of the last gen RX-7's
  7. Guisslapp
    Yeah, the 3rd gen RX-7 is at the top of my wish list. MattB has one (or at least used to).
  8. Guisslapp
    Time to get new tires. The colder Atlanta winter and crap roads chewed through my OEM Potenzas quicker than expected. I am thinking about ordering the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s.
  9. Guisslapp
    Interesting start to the F1 season. Brawn GP comes out of no where to get pole position, and finish 1-2. The new aero restrictions and KERS will make the whole season interesting.
  10. Guisslapp
    Put the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2s on my car this weekend. Wow. These tires are awesome. Responsiveness is about the same as the Bridgestones, but the tires feel much more compliant AND sticky.
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