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Dec 22, 2018 | ESPN | 9:30 PM

Beer Club

  1. Guisslapp
    How was the RIS?
  2. GonzoDawg
    The RIS was great. If I were to do it again I would have waited a week to tap the keg. It seemed to get better and melow a bit as it aged. I just keged a Irish Creme Stout. It's a bit weak for me. I'm hoping that a week or so in the keg will bring out some of the flavors but right now I'm pretty disapointed. I need to move into a more summer type beer. Something a little lighter in body. Any suggestions?
  3. Guisslapp
    How about a clone of the Allagash White (Belgian wheat ale)? Here is one recipe:
  4. GonzoDawg
    Thanks for the link. That could be a great summer brew. I'm doing a Mexican Clone (beer) for my wife. I'm starting to advance in my abilities. I found a local homebrew club to join with some people that really know what they are doing. All Grain brewing and things like that. My biggest bitch is still lack of decent beer to drink commercially and lack of supplies to homebrew locally. I just had a shipment sent from Austin Homebrew that UPS promptly delivered to the wrong address and they have yet to track it down. I can only hope that my yeast survives. Fortuantely the homebrew club is doing a meeting on yeast farming. Here's the link to the club website.
  5. Guisslapp
    Picked up supplies this week to brew the Allagash white clone.
  6. WilliamLemen
    I think its a good time to share
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