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  1. Guisslapp
    Drinking a Kasteel Donker right now. Pretty good.
  2. DogtorEvil
    My buddy found 12 more bottles of the Avery Maharaja Imperial IPA. I called and found another 7. If you like intensely hoppy beer, check with your local distributor. This stuff is good.
  3. Guisslapp
    I agree that the Avery Maharaja is good. I have found a place in town where I can get it. Have you tried the 120 minute IPA? Unfortunately the 120 minute IPA is not available in Atlanta because of stupid beer alcohol level restrictions. I have been loading up on the 120 minute IPA on my trips to Tallahassee, however. At $8.50 per 12 oz, it is tough on the pocket book to buy too many at once.
  4. DogtorEvil
    I've had the 120 several times. It's good (strong) but a little too sweet for my taste.
  5. DogtorEvil
    Taking requests. I'm heading up to Wisconsin (one of several beer Nirvanas in the US) this week. I plan on bringing some beer back with me.

    Do you have any specific brands or styles you'd like (i.e., I'll bring them to the MSU game and GIVE them to you)?

    except for daybreaker2 who called me Al Gore.

  6. Guisslapp
    Nothing in particular, but I would love to sample some of your favorites from the trip.
  7. DogtorEvil
    I intend to focus on the IPA's. It's what I did last year. Some were "meh" but a few were outstanding. Occasionally, I'll mix in something else to cleanse the palette.

    If I can find some Capital Brewery Autumnal Fire I'll bring some of that back. It's not an IPA, but it is quite good.
  8. GonzoDawg
    Yean anything you like. Hope we can all hoist one at the MSU tailgate.
  9. DogtorEvil
    what kind of beers do you like Gonzo?
  10. DogtorEvil
    I bought boxes and bubble wrap today. I plan on bribgibg 100 lbs of beer back (maybe 150).

    Does anyone have an idea how much a 12 oz bottle of beer weighs?
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