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  1. Guisslapp
    Bell's Oberon Ale - 5.8% abv, American Pale Wheat Ale. I really like this beer. Will have to try some other Bell's offerings.
  2. daybreaker3
    If anyone is going to be in New Orleans this weekend: "Free" beer tasting at Avenue Pub Saturday night. Admission is bottles of beer you cant get in Louisiana. (But if you cant bring any, thats ok too- just dont let any non-beer-geeks know that)
  3. daybreaker3
    Some highlights from the beer tasting: Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA, Speedway Stout, Brooklyn Black Ops, Dogfish Head Stout, Masala Mama, Firestone 12, Alagash Tripel Reserve, Brooklyn Local 2... There was SO MUCH good beer there though, I couldnt keep track at all.

    And the food.... the food at Avenue Pub is done by J'Anita's. It's a restaurant that had to close down, so they moved into Avenue Pub's kitchen. They had apricots, stuffed with blue cheese, wrapped in bacon, and fried... a roasted corn black been and mango salsa... roasted duck with apples, blue cheese, and a balsamic glaze on ciabatta bread... pulled pork and pineapples on ciabatta bread... and a boat load of assorted smoked cheeses.
  4. Guisslapp
    Like the Weyerbacher and Alagash. Which Dogfish Head Stout? The Chicory?

    Tonight I have had:

    Bells Pale Ale, American Pale Ale - biscuity; not very hoppy. Just average.
    Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA^3 ale, American IPA - more sweet than hoppy.
  5. dhussdawg
    Had the DH90 after Guiss's incessant ramblings about it. I had to build up and try some other IPAs and acquire the taste. I enjoyed it. Just tried one, so I have 3 more to go, will report back when I have more time to enjoy and taste.

    Chimay Grand Reserve-very smooth for a 9 percent abv. I thought it was good, strong taste yet smooth. Hits the pocket book, though.

    Couldnt find DH120, I wonder if TX has the same laws about alcohol content.
  6. Guisslapp
    DH120 is technically a seasonal. They rotate their high gravity beers throughout the year. They are easy to spot because they have the chartreuse colored cap and go for betwee $9-$12 per bottle.
  7. Guisslapp
    Maredsous Triple, Belgian Abbey Ale (tripel), 10% abv. Pretty good example of the style. Tangy and sweet. A little banana fruity and spicy.
  8. Guisslapp
    Dogfish Head Burton Baton, Double IPA/oak-aged English strong Ale, 10% abv. Like it - it is similar to the 90 minute IPA but with a more complex flavor. Hints of vanilla, oak, citrus.
  9. daybreaker3
    WYES has a charity beer tasting every year at UNO lakefront Arena... Distributors and home brewers show off their stuff, and the proceeds go to WYES. But it's usually just a huge drunk fest, which sucks for those of us trying to taste good homebrew and rarer beers. Because often they will be out by the time we can even get to their table.

    This year they had a private VIP tasting (more expensive, fewer beers, fewer people, higher quality) the day before, and it was awesome.
    There was a homebrewed imperial stout aged in a rum barrel which was amazing. Also, NOLA Brewing had a cask-conditioned dry-hopped blonde, a and lemon basil wheat. But the highlight from them was the IPA. They had two versions: one with Cheyenne and Cascade hops, and one with Simcoe and Amarillo hops.

    Their Simcoe & Amarillo IPA is, hands down, a top IPA. As good as Hopslam, Hopsickle, Ruination, etc. AND it will be available for a few months this fall!
  10. daybreaker3
    Also, at the end of the night, distributors bailed leaving behind their product, so I went home with 3 St Bernardus Tripels, 3 St Barnardus Abt 12s, 1 Pine Belt Pale Ale, 1 Harpoon IPA, 1 Harpoon Summer Ale, 1 750ml Schwarzbeir (brewery unknown), and one XX Bitter.
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