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  1. Guisslapp
    In my quest to find the perfect IPA, I have picked up a "The Maharaja" from the Avery Brewing Company. I have also picked up another Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA and a DH 90 Minute IPA to use as benchmarks.
  2. daybreaker2
    I didnt even know we had social groups
  3. Guisslapp
    Yeah, it is a new feature.

    The Maharaja was a pretty decent IPA (bottled Feb 2008). It gave me a new appreciation for the DH 120. A side-by-side comparison revealed to me that the Dogfish Head has amazing taste clarity. DH=very solid malt backbone and super bright hops. It audio terminology, I would describe it as having a scooped midrange. The Maharaja, OTOH, is much more evenly equalized which results in a more muddled midrange to my palate. The hops and malt seem to create a more smooth experience from beginning to end.
  4. TechDawgFan
    You need to send Ross, a.k.a. MarketDawg, an invite to this group. This is right up his alley!
  5. GonzoDawg
    I'm in, I love these new features.
  6. DogtorEvil
    Guiss, Ihave two remaining Maharaja, saving them for some special occasion
  7. DogtorEvil
    Ia anyone interested in going to the Great Taste of the Midwest in Madison, Wisconsin the secomd weekend f Ausgust? 150 brewers. 500 beers. My nephew and I are going. This is my fourth consecutive year.
  8. GonzoDawg
    Well I'm really close to brewing my first batch of home brew thanks to Ross. I still have to acquire a brew pot but I'll have that soon. What I need to know now is about kegging. Once the beer is in the keg how do you go about carbonating it, pressurizing it, and storing it. I bought a refrigerator for the garage but what I want to know is after I keg and cool the beer do I have to keep it connected to a CO2 tank? Or can I pressurize it and that be it?

    I'll probably brew an english ale for starters. That seems to be the type of beer I prefer. Then once I have the process down I will experiment into other directions.
  9. Guisslapp
    English ale is the first and only batch I brewed. I cannot help you much with kegging since I bottled my only batch. Once I get a second fridge I intend to continue brewing (this time kegging instead of bottling).
  10. GonzoDawg
    I think it is time to end the beer snobs thread and move the discussion here.
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