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  1. GonzoDawg
    Well I almost forgot about this forum I've been so busy. However I just brewed a batch of Marzen (Octoberfest) and it's in the fermenter. Now all I have to do is keg it. Here's my question: when I transfer it to the keg what do I do to eliminate as much of the wasted yeast, etc to keep the beer from getting cloudy? It looks great in the carboy and the smell from the airlock is heavenly. I just want it to come out as good as possible.
  2. Guisslapp
    Gonzo - one thing you can do is make sure that the end of your siphon is not on the bottom of the carboy when you transfer to the keg. That should prevent it from sucking up too much of the stuff at the bottom of your carboy, but you may need to leave about an inch of beer in the carboy (or more depending on how much sediment you have). Also you could put a filter around the end of the siphon.

    Do you have an "auto-siphon"?
  3. GonzoDawg
    Thanks Guiss, that confirms what I was thinking. I don't have an auto siphon whatever that is. I'm also assuming that I want the end of the siphon at the bottom of the keg to prevent as much aeration as possible? I can't wait to drink this stuff and let you guys know how it turns out.
  4. GonzoDawg
    After looking into it, turns out I do have an auto siphon.
  5. marketdawg
    I'll come over and help when you're ready to siphon. You should have a siphon and end cap in the stuff I gave you and it's easy to figure out once someone shows you how to use it.
  6. GonzoDawg
    You are more than welcome to come over but I think I have it down. I check out a video on youtube explaining how to do it. I may be ready to transfer it as early as tonight. Fermentation is all but done. I'm only gettting a bubble every 60 secs or so. Now I just have to figure out the forced carbonation process.
  7. GonzoDawg
    A little snag. The Co2 regulator is not working. No reading on the gauge. I'll have to check with Red Ball tomorrow to see if I can get one locally.
  8. dogtrooper
    Hey Gonzo, good to see another brewer here on the board. I just started brewing last year and am now getting serious about getting my pipeline started this year. I've got a five gallon batch of a Smithwick's clone carbing up in the bottles and another five gallon batch of a TurboDog clone in the fermenter. I've been trying to decide what to do for my next batch... There are just too many wonderful options
  9. GonzoDawg
    No doubt Trooper, so many beers so little time. I got the new regulator and got the Marzen carbonated. It's pretty good. It's got a good texture with a slightly pine hops finish. I'm still working getting the pressure just right so that I don't get too much foam. I brewed a Russian Imperial Stout last Saturday night. I almost had a heart attack when I went to chill the wort and the pipes were frozen. I had to cool it down in the sink. No worries. Carbonation started almost imediately. I had a good layer of foam 3-4" in the fermenter by the next morning. One thing about brewing a stout, you don't get to see the action in the fermenter like with a lighter beer. I'm going to do a seconday fermentation with this one. My wife wants a Mexican clone so that might be next. Then I am going to get a little more creative and try to stylize my beer a bit more.
  10. GonzoDawg
    Got the Russian Imperial Stout in secondary fermentation now. It looks great. The Marzen is running low so I don't know how long I can hold out aging the RIS. Gotta get another batch in the pipeline now so I can keep the taps open.
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