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  1. Guisslapp
    Counting the bottle?
  2. DogtorEvil
    yep. I think it's ~350 g. I.m trying to figure out how many bottlrs I can bting back and still be under the 50# limit per "bag". Looks to be ~ 60.

    My "bags" consist of two 22" by 14" by 9.5 " boxes tapes together.
  3. DogtorEvil
    I'm definitely bringing some of this back
  4. DogtorEvil
  5. Guisslapp
    This weekend, I tried a few beers that I had never tried before:
    Dogfish Head Festina Peche - very light and TART (you probably have not ever had a beer of this style)
    Dogfish Head Punkin Ale - this would be a great Thanksgiving beer; pumpkin, brown sugar, cinammon and other spices
    Victory Golden Monkey - definitive Belgium in style with floral hops
  6. GonzoDawg
    I tend to lean toward the stouts, pale ales. I'm learning to appreciate the IPA's and recently had the Abita Jackamo IPA. It was the most enjoyable IPA I've had to date. I'm trying to do a 6 pack a weekend of something new. I've had some successes and some that were almost undrinkable. (notice I said almost) I liked the Pilsner Urquell, reminded me of Grolsch but then I had a Grolsch and it didn't taste nearly as good as the PU. The Bavarian brews are definitely some of my faves.
  7. Guisslapp
    The Abita IPA and the Sweetwater IPA are both very clean, well-mannered IPAs. You pretty much have to detest the taste of hops to dislike these beers. To me, they are good but boring (compared to other IPAs). The good thing about these IPAs is that you can actually drink more than a couple in one sitting. IPAs will wear you out.
  8. DogtorEvil
    Was the Victory good?

    Gonzo, I'm bringing your DFH this weekend. I'll also bring some Grey's Oatmeal Stout and a Sprecher Black Bavarian for you.

    And....I bought 9 more bottles of the Avery Maharaja IIPA.
  9. Guisslapp
    The Victory WAS good. I will bring some to the game, maybe it will last until you get there.
  10. DogtorEvil
    has anyone had the Stone Ruination IPA? I saw it up in Wisconsin, but didn't get any. I emailed the Ber Guy at Spec's here in Houston and they are supposed to be getting some the second week of September.
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