BB&B Golfers

  1. TechDawgFan
    I played Peter Winkler's Meadowlake couse in Keithville the other day. Typical pasture golf, but was pretty nice, especially for $10! Can't beat that! Just wish it was a little closer to the house.
  2. TechDawgFan
    Last year I finally invested in some new woods. I got some 2007 Adams Insight Driver, 3 and 5 wood. I absolutely LOVE them. Only now I'm looking for a 7 wood. Any of y'all got any recommendations?
  3. Dawgpix
    Set the Boys & Girls Club Golf Classic . . . 14th annual for April 24, 2009. Trying to decide on either Calvert or Pine Hills. Any feelings gang?
  4. TechDawgFan
    I played at Querbe's in Shreveport yesterday. Course was in GREAT shape (best I've ever seen it). Greens were SLOW, SLOW, SLOW, but rolled true except for 2-3 greens which need some significant repair. Looks like they had some bugs or something on those.
  5. GonzoDawg
    The Royal and Ancient Q is much better since the changes a couple of years ago. There are still some goofy holes but overall it's not a bad place to play.
  6. Dawgpix
    Made my first visit to Black Bear in Delhi this morning. Nice maintenance. Soft fairways and greens. Putts went slow compared to what I'm used to. This course, built by the state, is in the middle of nowhere. My buddy and I played with a car dealer from Vicksburg who frequents the course regularly. There is lots (LOTS!) of sand. Not just around the greens, but in the middle of the course. I think I got to know 99% of the 100 traps. Very hospitable staff. Good food - The Waterfront - in the clubhouse. Oh, yeah, hot as Hades!
    I'll go back.
  7. TechDawgFan
    We played 2 weeks ago at Hunington in Shreveport. Like Querbes, it was in GREAT shape. Even better than Querbes.

    Also, played in a 4 man scramble at Crooked Hollow yesterday. Temp got up to 102-103, but humidity was low. Greens were good but the fairways were HORRIBLE!

    DocMarvin was in our group and I just got to say that he is a GORILLA! Almost made a double eagle on the 305 yd. Par 4 with a choked up drive. Had to roll within 6 inches of the hole and stopped about 12-14 ft. past. The could hear him in Haughton yelling "Get in the hole, get in the hole!"
  8. faninmonroe
    Black Bear is a great course. The original set up was simply too tough for the average golfer. They have lowered the rough and slowed down the greens and it is much more user friendly now.

    It is a shame the Waterfront is owned and run by ulmers........but the food is damn good.
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