The BB&B Smoke Ring

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  1. TechDawgFan
    You gonna share any of your special tips, Dwayne?
  2. Dwayne From Minden
    Dwayne From Minden
    Yep - and discuss the best of all things edible
  3. GonzoDawg
    OK Gents, I got a gas grill earlier this summer. My daughter is alergic to charcoal of all things so this was a must. Any tips on cooking with gas?
  4. arkansasbob
    gas is much faster and easier, and you can make some pretty good stuff with it. i always use gas for burgers, and usually for pork chops. i don't have any specific tips -- just do it the same way you would with charcoal, only without the hassle or the wait. however, unless you've got a much fancier grill than mine, you won't be able to do anything that requires "low and slow" because it just gets too hot.
  5. Guisslapp
    One of my favorite things to grill is teriyaki-marinated duck wrapped in bacon. Pretty self-explanatory if you have not done it before.
    (1) Cut the duck into one-inchish cubes;
    (2) Marinate in teriyaki for AT LEAST 3 hours (6 or more is better);
    (3) Cut bacon strips in half, and wrap each "cube" with one of the pieces;
    (4) Skewer;
    (5) Grill;
    (6) Eat.

    The other day, I ate at a Tapas place and they had a grilled bacon-wrapped, gorgonzola stuffed date. I bet it would go with bacon-wrapped duck very well. Not sure exactly how they are made, but I would guess.

    (1) Cut softened date (might even work with sun-dried date) in half and remove pit;
    (2) Put some blue cheese in the pit cavity;
    (3) Wrap in half strips of bacon;
    (4) Skewer;
    (5) Grill;
    (6) Eat.
  6. TechDawgFan
    If you need slow, I've cooked on one side on low heat and turned the other side on high. I also almost NEVER cook over the center on gas grills. Stay on the edges because you can burn QUICK if you don't watch out.
  7. GonzoDawg
    Well I've discovered that if you boil chicken first, you can then grill them and baste them without drying them out.
  8. johnnylightnin
    Gonzo, have you tried lump charcoal? I don't think it has all the chemicals that briquettes...she may be able to handle it a little better. I love lump coal for steaks because it burns HOT and fast. I like the ease of my gas grill, but I miss my charcoal grill. What I really want now is a big smoker so I can perfect ribs.
  9. arkansasbob
    speaking of ribs, i've stumbled upon a method for making perfect pork back ribs.

    1. peel the tough layer of fat off.
    2. cover with dry rub of choice (mine includes cayane, brown sugar, black pepper, a tiny bit of mustard powder, garlic powder, and a few others depending on my mood).
    3. build a charcoal fire in texas-style side firebox and regulate grill temperature between 200 and 250 F.
    4. once fire is ready, put ribs on grill meaty side up and add a couple hands full of wood chips to the fire (i like apple or hickory with pork ribs).
    5. keep grill temperature between 200 and 250 for about 5 hours (don't mess with the meat for the first 3). add wood as necessary for smoke.
    6. after 3 hours, baste lightly on both sides with vinegar-based barbeque sauce (optional -- they turn out just fine if you don't baste, but they dont get that nice little glaze that i like).
    7. after 4 hours, wrap the meat in foil and return to the grill for the final hour.

    this produces the most tender, tasty ribs i have ever had. don't leave it in the foil for too long or the meat will just fall off the bone and will taste like it has been boiled.
  10. dogtrooper
    What kind of grills, pits, smokers, etc. do y'all use?
    I've just got a 22 inch weber charcoal kettle. I've been surprised at how good it is at indirect grilling and smoking. I've used my father's large smoker a couple of times too. It's a fairly large monstrosity at about 6.5' wide and 32" deep.
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