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The BB&B Smoke Ring

  1. GonzoDawg
    I have a Kenmore 5 burner propane grill. I grilled some deer steaks last night after marinating them over night. I also took several and sliced them in fajita strips and seasoned them with a mesquite rub, best fajitas I ever had. I'm finally getting the settings right for grilling vs. bbqing. I'm also finding that a good marinade will keep most meat from drying out and that if you coat pork chops or chicken with olive oil before grilling them you get really good results.

    I also have a Weber kettle grill and for charcoal it is the best.
  2. GonzoDawg
    How about instructions for a good brisket on a gas grill? Anyone?
  3. arkansasbob
    heat your gas grill to about 425, rub the brisket with brown sugar, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, salt, and pepper (lay it on thick). then throw a couple of potatoes on the grill and cook the brisket in the oven.
  4. DogtorEvil
    aBob, are you saying cook the brisket in the oven rather than on the gas grill?

    My BiL has an electric smoker. I gave him a lot of grief about it, but it it ridiculously easy to get a good smoke on with it.
  5. GonzoDawg
    OK please elaborate, can I grill a brisket or not. This is a grilling social club if we need to start a cooking club I'll join that too.
  6. arkansasbob
    i just don't know if it is possible to do a good brisket in a gas grill, but if you do, you would basically be using the grill as an oven, defeating the purpose. i have ruined three briskets trying to smoke them on my grill, and my wife does them deliciously in the oven. so i don't bother with trying to barbecue a brisket any more (plus, this is texas and i can go to three or four places within 5 miles of my house where they make a barbecue brisket a thousand times better than i ever could).

    pulled pork, on the other hand, is in short supply around here, and i am still working to master the art of barbecued boston butt. so any advice would be helpful.

    electric smokers do seem to do a good job. my dad did a ham on his at thanksgiving and it was outstanding.
  7. GonzoDawg
    Well thanks for your opinion, I do appreciate it and will probably take your advice on the over.
  8. GonzoDawg
    Let me step right into this one and ask......any suggestions on how to rub my brisket and what to rub it with?
  9. DogtorEvil
    damn Casey, you left that one wide open...
  10. GonzoDawg
    I know that is why I prefaced it. I'm going to try the brown sugar cayenne etc that Bob recomended.
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