The BB&B Smoke Ring

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  1. arkansasbob
    sometimes i use varying combinations of mustard powder, chili powder, cumin, and/or curry powder along with the ingredients listed. can't tell you how much i use -- i just do what looks right.

    so does anyone have any advice on barbecuing a pork shoulder? i really am interested. i've done a couple of pretty good ones, but they're still not turning out as good as i would like. i did make an excellent coleslaw to go with it, though. of course, that's just my opinion. nobody else in my family will eat it.
  2. dogtrooper
    arkansasbob: i got a new smoker for christmas this past year and have cooked a few butts on it already. They turned out really good. I rubbed them down with a homemade concoction and let them sit in the fridge over night. Then i smoked them at 200 for 10 - 12 hours with pecan wood. It took that long before the meat was fall apart tender. I think just so long as you don't let your fire get too hot, you can't screw up a boston butt.
  3. dogtrooper
    Oh yeah, and buy the whole butt whenever possible. it'll be just a few dollars more than buying the pre-cut pieces and you can freeze half if you don't need to cook it all at once.
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