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  1. Dawgmatic
    Chocolate Sin Pie

    12 Ice Cream Sandwiches
    1 Jar Caramel Topping
    3 Large Heath Bars
    1 Cup Chopped Pecans
    Chocolate Syrup
    1 9 oz. carton Whipped Topping

    Line 9 X 13 Pan with Ice Cream Sandwiches, cutting if necessary to fit.

    Drizzle desired amount Caramel over Ice Cream Sandwiches. Sprinkle crushed Heath Bars over the Caramel. Sprinkle ˝ cup chopped Pecans over Heath Bars.
    Swirl Chocolate Syrup over toppings. Spread Cool Whip over top. Drizzle Chocolate Syrup and the other ˝ Cup chopped Pecans over Cool Whip.

    You won’t have any left, but if you do, keep it in the freezer.
  2. louisiana_dog
    I haven't tried this chili, but here is a recipe for it

    1 large onion
    2 cloves garlic
    2 lbs hamburger
    3 "heaping " T. chili powder, more if you want
    1 tsp. comino
    salt to taste
    1 can tomato sauce
    1/2 cup water

    Cook meat until slightly brown. Add onions and garlic and cook until wilted. Add all other ingredients. Cook for 1 hour, add 1 can of red beans if desired before cooking for 1 hour. It never gave me a cooking temp, I guess a med. heat.

    I have 3-4 other chili recipes for you chili lovers, personally it is not me. PM if you want them
  3. louisiana_dog
    This is what I cooked for the Miss. St. game, really, really good.

    crock pot bbq

    3 lb. roast, I use beef, but could use pork
    2 cups chopped onions
    1 large bottle of bbq sauce
    1 cup water

    Season roast with salt and cayenne pepper (tony's will take care of salt and pepper, but not as spicy). Put 1 cup onions in crock pot, put in roast, add water. Cover and cook for 6-8 hours low heat, 8 is better. Remove roast and drain out the water reserving 1 cup and keep all the onions. Shred your meat and any bones and larger portions of fat. Return to pot, add remaining onions and reserved liquid/onions and bbq sauce, cover and cook on low 5-6 hrs, serve of buns.

    *Add around half the big bottle of bbq sauce, I use the bigger bottle of reg. craft.
    **After putting the roast back in, shredding and mixing the bbq sauce, I add more cayanne pepper
    ***Browning the roast before, I've tried both ways, and it taste the same, up to you

    It is great on weekends like this when you have no tailgating to do and can stir it and watch football all day, on of my favorites!!!
  4. Yarfunkle
    Simple Recipe, great result!

    Fried Deer Steak

    Tenderized Deer Steak
    Allegro Marinade
    Italian Dressing
    Vegetable Oil

    Marinate the deer steak in a combination of 1 part Allegro to 3 parts Italian Dressing for as long as possible.

    After marinating, coat liberally in flour (If you like, you can sprinkle Tony's before coating in flour)

    Pour vegetable oil about 1/2" deep in a frying pan.

    Fry deer steak until dark brown.
  5. WilliamLemen
    Great result!
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