Northwest Louisiana TAG

  1. JAB
    Just wanted to make sure everyone knows each other in this group. I am Adam Bullock (J. Adam Bullock thus the name JAB -real original I know) I am the VP of Nw La TAG. For those trying to put a name and face together I am the big guy with the goatee. I also do all the posting for Northwest Louisiana T.A.G. on BB&B (since the other board members don't want to!:bigcry

    Please, tell us who you are and maybe a brief description of yourself here. And if you know another BB&B member that is not part of this group please refer them here. (I know we have alot of TAG members that read BB&B but hardly ever post)
  2. DocMarvin362
    Matt Weiland
    Board Member / Internet Administrator (I made that one up myself)
  3. WilliamLemen
    Hardly best post
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