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    Re: Baseball Tickets

    I love it -

    Once they fix your barcodes when you call it's really easy
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    Always whistle as you walk by the graveyard...
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    Re: peeve of the day

    As someone who plays - I get the striker reference...

    A great striker of the ball - hits the ball squarely, firmly and on-line whatever his/her chosen line is - i.e. always in play from tee to...
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    Just In: Re: Nitz Baseball only 21-22

    All good things must come to an end -

    But I’m glad he is cutting back while he still appears to have good health

    He will be sorely missed because he is Tech Athletics to most all of us
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    Re: The Other Tournament

    That game was won in the first two minutes -

    Baylor imposed their will on the Zags from that point on -

    Their defense was as flawless as their offense - a very hard combination to beat
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    Re: Covid-19: Baseball Edition

    ULM is reeling -

    That loss to us put them in a tail-spin

    We really need them to get some wins
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    Re: The Other Tournament

    I've thought about the UCLA - Zag game over the last 24 hours, since I didn't want to rush to judgement...

    That may have been the best game I have ever witnessed on tv or in person - ever -...
  8. Re: 2021 Conference USA Standings/Schedule

    This is the best baseball site
  9. Re: Arkansas Tech's Wonder Boys of 1945

    Great stuff HD -

    You need to look at all the old stuff we are putting on the Claiborne Parish Library's site -

    It's a new project we started within the last year
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    Re: Covid - 19 - Louisiana Edition

    That's where most of the push comes from - and the local NAACP chapters

    As parish administrator - I have almost 60 FTE's on our payroll - and it's split almost 50/50 on demographics

    Through our...
  11. Re: No. 21 LA Tech Storms Back to Defeat ULM 9-7

    Our 4 game conference series basically forced this -

    Even though it's not unusual to roll threw alot of arms on midweek games -

    CUSA teams could be forced to use 13-15 arms on a conference...
  12. Question: Re: Refresh my memory, what version of BB&B is this?

    Spoke to QNQ

    Try this -

    He wants to post pics hosted locally on latechbbb (which you could at one point, uploading a pic to bbb), that doesn't work. After we migrated, things like uploading...
  13. Question: Re: Refresh my memory, what version of BB&B is this?

    And we can't figure out why...

    Q - do you have any insight?
  14. Re: Diamond Dogs Complete Weekend Sweep of Tulane in Sunday Nail-Biter

    Our relievers have no onions right now...
  15. Re: Bulldogs Head South for Weekend Test at Tulane

    Threw less than 100 pitches -

    Worff was less than 100 also

    As long as they are not running up pitch counts itís ok
  16. Re: Letter from Dr. Eric A. Wood -

    They must be getting a lot of the "I will not renew until...." messages -
  17. Re: Whorff Tabbed National Player of the Week by Collegiate Baseball

    82? pitches entering 9th inning -

    That's really really good stuff
  18. Re: Ole Miss Cancels Wednesday Contest at LA Tech

    Not very smart of their PR guy - all they had to do was look at the weather for Wednesday and played that card...
  19. Re: Bulldogs Fall in 10 Innings in Wild Game Against No. 1 Arkansas

    They were watching from the Memorial Gym parking lot Saturday - got to say that's a benefit of all the trees...
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    Re: peeve of the day

    Glad I could help
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    Re: J.C. Love Field Construction

    My guess is that it will not be totally complete till after the season -

    Covering - is a non-issue, love the sun on a Sunday after, after Saturday with time change it will still be a non-issue -...
  22. Re: @LATechBSB Returns to The Love Shack for Series Against McNeese State

    I think this is going to be a cluster -

    Ticket app is not working for baseball or softball - can't down load tickets to my wallet

    Football was a breeze this year - this not so much
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    Re: analyzes CUSA West

    Circle of Life...
  24. Re: LA Tech Football Season Tickets, Renewals Available Now -

    Slu, unt, odu & uncc
  25. Re: LA Tech Football Season Tickets, Renewals Available Now -

    Hard to get excited about what appears to be in all likelihood a 4-8 season....
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