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  1. Re: How bad is Skip Holtz?

    Really, I'm tired of "there's always next year." It's that way every year with the dawgs, and it's time for a change to be made!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Re: North Texas breaks a 9 year streak and so will Southern Miss...why?

    Yeah, no kidding. Grambling could probably put 40 points up on us at this point.
  3. Re: 10/19 North Texas (HC) game thread

    Well you never know. We're coming off a bye week so hopefully we've made some improvements. We may still lose bigtime I could be wrong, but sometimes a bye week is a good thing for a team so we'll...
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    Poll: Whatcha Think? Re: How do we finish?

    If we can win this next week, I believe we can go 6-6, but if we get killed, then 3-9, or 4-8 would be much more likely
  5. Re: I've done this before, and I'm going to do it again.

    Well, let's just see how this season ends. If the team gets better toward the end of the season, and it looks like they're getting better, then I'll just shut up and support him. The team does look...
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    Re: USC fires Lane Kiffin

    I think if we don't win any more games this year, or we only win one or two more, then I think if the Athletic director is worth his salt he'll fire holtz
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    Re: Fire Holtz

    when people use the excuse that we lost a lot of players last year, it's pathetic. We have more than just two starters coming back from last year, and even if that's all we had losing to Army 35-16,...
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    Re: The Rest of the Season

    We'll be lucky to win another game this year, Kansas hadn't beaten a division one team in 3 years. The fact we can't beat Tulane is bad enough, and I hate to say it but we just aren't good this year....
  9. Re: Quinton Patton twitter - wants to know why Hunter Lee is not gettnig the ball

    I think another problem people don't recognize is your offensive line. Don't get me wrong Higgins and Young both need a lot of improvement and they do need to get the ball in Hunter Lee's hands a lot...
  10. Re: 2012 Football Schedule & Future Schedules

    Hopefully I'll be a student at Tech after I finish high school, so I'll be able to go see all the home games in fall 2013!
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