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  1. Re: $8,186 and counting as of 5/18/06 AM (edited)

    Look on the front page and click support BBB. I'll make a $50 donation in the name of Tug Boat the bulldawg...the newest member of the hussdawg family.
  2. Re: $5,190 and counting

    Dwayne and the rest of the administrators, I'd like to thank you for dotting all the i's and crossing all the t's. I wouldn't know where to begin with all this stuff, but ya'll devote your time and...
  3. Re: $5,190 and counting

    True, but it may compromise the whole "journalism" thing...
  4. Re: $5,190 and counting

    Hey about a story about this? It's got plot twists and all.
    -Sim needs stuff
    -Jim says no
    -Sim gets the word out that the team is in need
    -In about a week, a group of fans nickel...
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