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  1. Re: LA Tech Athletics Announces Gameday Procedures Update for Houston Baptist Footbal

    It will be especially noticeable now with limited crowds there not covering up a good portion of it.
  2. Re: LA Tech Weekly Football Press Conference Transcript: Sept. 22 -

    That emotion on the USM sideline and locker room only last so long, and it burns a certain amount of energy that could otherwise be used on the field. Does not take much to get that energy running...
  3. Re: LA Tech Quarterback Battle Still Going Strong -

    The shot from behind the end zone left no doubt what so ever.
  4. Re: Well, it's game day. Hope all of your great Bulldog fans are safe and welll

    USM has a little more game experience than we do right now Spread Eagle, You also have to remember, USM is HCSH's daddy!
  5. Thread: New AD

    by BhadDawg

    Re: New AD

    Not sure the that the financial landscape in college athletics is going to be that great over the next few years, I would venture to guess there may not be a lot of movement with AD's and Coaches for...
  6. Re: LA Tech Quarterback Battle Still Going Strong -

    You never know when one of your QB's is gonna test positive, so maybe QB by committee may be the way to go this year. You stand a greater chance this year of losing your QB at game time than any...
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    Re: TMac to Vandy

    That was one of the First things Dooley did, he KNEW what was needed and went after it. Hope our next AD has the cahonies he did! Game day needs to be fun again.
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    Re: 9/12 Tech @ Baylor (11 AM) - Game

    Too many False starts, I don't care if we have to field all freshman walk-on's, the Band, and Cheerleaders for back-up, play the Damn games! The fans will soon lose the habit and move on to other...
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    Re: 2020 Season - Covid Edition

    Is it possible some of these teams and conferences are sandbagging? There could be significant revenues for those teams and conferences holding out that may decide to go ahead and play some games...
  10. Thread: Moats

    by BhadDawg

    Re: Moats

    Union guys don't get fired, just re-assigned! We have far, far too many of these guys out there and they seem to like treating everyone that way.
  11. Whatcha Think? Re: Potential for Altered College Football Season - moved, shortened, cancelled

    I was not even thinking in those lines, but yes, with TMac and Judy, our ship has probably sailed.
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    Re: If you want a thread to die

    I wish I was as strong as you, the last two that were taken in had puppies and you guessed it, some of them stayed here! That's OK, we love them all and have room and two grandchildren that think...
  13. Whatcha Think? Re: Potential for Altered College Football Season - moved, shortened, cancelled

    This may thin the ranks in G5, universities such as ULM. There is a possibility of course we could be in that purge also, but it could really change the landscape. I cannot really see a scenario...
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    Re: How is Covid-19 affecting your work?

    Our Aluminum and SS seem to be OK at the moment as we did not really import much, if any at all. Most all of our supply is domestic and have not heard of a real slow down on it, just the whole...
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    Re: How is Covid-19 affecting your work?

    Not sure how many of you on here have incomes directly tied to manufactured products, but I do, here is more news that we got yesterday. Our Apparatus manufacturer notified us yesterday that...
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    Re: How is Covid-19 affecting your work?

    In a business that serves Emergency services and believe it or not, some parts of our business were not considered essential. I have spent the last 15 years traveling pretty well every day and a lot...
  17. Re: LA Tech Football Announces Pair of Coaching Additions -

    Looks Like they are working on a change.

    DIGESTThe digest printed below was prepared byHouse Legislative Services. It constitutes no part of thelegislative instrument. The keyword, one-liner,...
  18. Re: 2020 Conference Football Schedule Announced -

    Maybe that is why transfer QB's worked out so well?
  19. Re: Dear Tommy, please fix football tailgating by...

    What is the value of said seating?

    The seating that is selling out (if there is any) can be left alone, That is working as it should, the seating that does not should be priced accordingly. We...
  20. Re: Dear Tommy, please fix football tailgating by...

    I have practically stopped attending, the group I tailgated with at the TAC (former Bradshaw era player) has stopped coming, lots have stopped showing up. I see some of you commenting that you find...
  21. Re: Now that our football season has ended.. looking forward at next year.. questio

    The best thing about TECH game day was how easy it was to come and tailgate, join the festivities, and just the general ease of getting there, parking, seating, and other aspects of the day just...
  22. Re: Who are you pulling for in National Championship game? LSU? Clemson?

    I can reluctantly agree with most all of this, but two of those cons are almost unbearable for me. If so many of the LSU fans weren't of the knuckle-dragging mouth-breathing species I could put up...
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    Re: Amik Declares for NFL Draft

    TV Ratings?

    Think of it this way, your average household watching this game has NOTHING to do with Amiks' grading, NOTHING. Now if there are interested NFL teams, they will be watching the game...
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    Re: Going to the Game?!?!?

    Attending will be a last minute decision for me and mine, my work usually has me tied up the day after Christmas. We hope to make it work somehow!
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    Re: New Orleans....vs USL

    Me seems to think that "Giant" has Narcolepsy!
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