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    Hand gestures?

    Not trying to start a rumor...and if this has been addressed elsewhere, please pardon me...

    but did I hear it correctly that one or more of our players was sharing a less than courteous hand...
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    Re: The Time is Now

    As a long time observer, I would concur with you about the lack of audacity by our coach. It's HARD to argue with winning, but I truly we would have won MORE if the audacity had been there. As an...
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    Re: Bonnette What a Man!

    That was a truly spectacular catch! I'd concur that it ranks up there with Morris' catch...and exceeds Hollands one hand grab against Nebraska....
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    Dropped Passes

    As a rule...I don't criticize players. Never have. But I will say collectively we might have set a team record for dropped or bobbled passes in the first half of last night's game.

    Catching a...
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    Re: TAC Tailgating Policy

    I love my Louisiana Tech, but we do ALL WE CAN, seemingly, to retrograde. We had good inertia going a few years ago, and now we're heading back to making it hard for people to enjoy football.
  6. Boston Scott, Interviewed at Saints Training Camp

    Thought some of you might find this interesting. He did a great job in this interview
  7. Boston Scott featured on Saints Training Camp Report_8 Aug 2018

    Boston Scott gets some good press! Great to see him getting a legitimate chance!
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    Re: The Best LA Tech QB's of All Time

    And, as others have said, they left off the guy who was 23-1 as a starter and won 2 x NCAA DII Championships. Silly. No Duron, no credibility.
  9. Re: Football. @LATechSports To Honor Top 50 Players in Joe Aillet Stadium History - l

    CONCUR fully! Why Duron isn't on there is puzzling. He was 23-1 as a starter. The QBs you also have right. I know there's no nefarious intent and it's a great gesture, but come on....Denny...
  10. Re: Joe Burrow, we'd love to have you in Ruston....

    Burrows hasn't shown any interest....I saw it in the news that he was looking for somewhere to go, so I tossed it out for discussion. Pretty interesting discussions. The 2 x Bama QBs wouldn't come...
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    Re: CUSA Track & Field Championships

    Long story, lots of reasons. Summary: We were Very good at WAC conference meets because the conference was very different and we had an amazing assistant coach that was taken from us by a larger...
  12. Re: Joe Burrow, we'd love to have you in Ruston....

    Respectfully non-concur. I sure hope you're right, but I've seen no such evidence.
  13. Joe Burrow, we'd love to have you in Ruston....

    I think it worked out well the last time a QB from a Power 5 Conference transferred into our beloved Louisiana Tech. Sure wish he'd consider coming to Ruston. He has two years of eligibility...
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    Re: Graduate Transfers?

    The location part WAS a joke....guess I need to work on my delivery:) But, I concur with all you say.
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    Graduate Transfers?

    Ruston is a nice place....wondering if any of these might help us out next year?
  16. Re: Former Calvary QB transferring from Ole Miss to Michigan

    Wishing someone of his skill set would transfer in HERE....
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    Re: Dykes to Coach SMU in Frisco Bowl

    actually...we did feel this presence, when FAU came to town.
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    Re: Dykes to Coach SMU in Frisco Bowl

    He won't be scared to go for it on 4th and long. He did NOT need testosterone therapy---the man had audacity. I don't begrudge him for leaving, but I do begrudge him for apparently shopping...
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    Re: Last Big Win?

    Either the Navy game last year or beating Ole Miss game in 2011
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    Saying it now

    I sincerely hope our athletic administration has done all it can to lobby for a spot for this team. For three consecutive years, we have traveled well to bowl games. Even though we lost a number...
  21. Re: If Tech does not get a bowl bid, it is not the fans' fault

    or 8...or 9....or 10....
  22. Re: If Tech does not get a bowl bid, it is not the fans' fault

    It's cumulative.

    Crowd would have been bigger had we hit the last game with eight or nine wins...and then there'd be no DEBATE by the bowl committees if we'd be a decent selection. A 6-6 team...
  23. Preemptive Advice: Don't Hold Your Breath or Make Hotel Reservations

    Most of y'all are old enough to remember our colossal disappointments in years gone by. I hope for our athlete's sake that they get a bowl. The sting of 2012 still resonates with me and 2005 and...
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    Re: We've Seen This Movie, Haven't We?

    I ain't holdin' my breath....
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    Re: We've Seen This Movie, Haven't We?

    Since I started this...I will say I am glad my suspicions were not founded....a 6-6 is better than a 5-7, and good on the men on the team for finding a way to win. Very proud of our defense
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