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    Re: Sunbelt best G5

    CUSA went 3-0 against the Belt yesterday, just saying......
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    Re: Jeff Driskel with the Texans

    Jeff has found a home with the Texans. They like him well enough to even try him a tight end when the QB room was too full. He'll stay on as the 3rd teamer behind Mills and Kyle Allen (who couldn't...
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    Re: Seven Bulldogs Earn LSWA Honors

    There's about four players who they left the university off of their listing??? It just says Louisiana??? Are they home schooled? Wonder why ULL didn't get anyone listed?
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    This won't last a year. Especially with I watched on TV Saturday night and Sunday afternoon (about 30 minutes each game). Especially a Skip Holtz type offense!

    They could have done so much more...
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    I just noticed that ALL of the USFL games will be played in Birmingham!?!? That's every team/every game until the playoffs (which will all be in Canton, OH)???? How does that make any sense at all???...
  6. Thread: 2022 QBs

    by DawgFaninHous

    Re: 2022 QBs

    Do we not think that Caleb Holstein is ready to be a starter?
  7. Re: Joe Aillet Stadium | Panoramic Virtual Tour

    I’ve been saying that for years! Why not sell an advertisement to cover it or worse case paint it Tech blue!!!
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    Re: We need a new coaching staff

    Matt is literally the Terry Bradshaw of the CFL. He has practically the exact same job as TB on the TSN. He’d be hard pressed to leave other than coming home to the south. I had an employee named...
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    Re: BBB - Where are they?

    I last saw him on a street corner in Amsterdam selling the 'good stuff' out of his trunk..... just before he went into witness protection.
  10. Re: Vax Card or Negative Test for Entry to Joe Aillet

    I like what you did there.... That's not a bad idea!!!! ;)
  11. Important Re: Mr. Carrell G. Dowies, Jr - Class of 1949

    Mr. Carrell was a true icon in Claiborne and will be missed by all of us who knew him and his family.
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    Re: Texas and OU to SEC?

    You would hope that our new AD with his connections at UCF and our Head football coach would be using his connections with his former AAC schools to try to have us ready for the jump. Our facilities...
  13. Re: Terry Bradshaw - Key to the City Shreveport

    No, is this a joke or sarcasm??? Why would one thing have to do with the other - specifically my question???? If this is an 'insider's deal', then count me as on the outside looking in.... I don't...
  14. Re: Terry Bradshaw - Key to the City Shreveport
  15. Re: Terry Bradshaw - Key to the City Shreveport

    That is not unpredictable, but still not acceptable.... That guy was an Arse!

    Do you have any idea what those things cost???
  16. Re: Terry Bradshaw - Key to the City Shreveport

    Agree 100%
    I would actually like to see Tech put a statue of TB next to the DAC in the same vein that they are creating the Leon Barmore statue at the TAC. Really wish this could have been done...
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    Re: Dr. Guice

    They should build that parking garage, along with moving the tennis courts across the street to build an indoor football training facility where the courts are located. That is the one piece of the...
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    Re: Tech QB Race in the Spring!

    I was in great hopes that the Bulldog faithful would get a lot of Head this next season! ;)
  19. Re: Milton Williams Invited to NFL Combine -

    One mock draft has him going in the 3rd round to the Cowboys....
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    Re: 2021 Schedule

    File this under 'Finding something to Bitch about', but I don't really care for having 3 straight home games in Sept, while only one home game and 3 away in October. It at least has 6 homes games...
  21. Re: LA Tech Athletics Announces Baseball Parking Information for 2021 Home Season

    So a guy who happens to be in town for something else and there is a baseball game.... They don't want him to park any where close. What if he does give to LTAC, how does he demonstrate that to the...
  22. Re: @LATechSB Field Named in Honor of Dr. Bundrick

    I was hoping they would build an indoor practice field named for him and his contributions to Tech football!
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    Re: Peanut Buckets Coming to DAWGTOWN

    That looked great on the Yelp app, but like you said, not opened on Sundays. There were several that looked promising including Log Cabin, Grown & Grazed and even Champ's Sports Bar. But as we drove...
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    Re: Peanut Buckets Coming to DAWGTOWN

    Ruston definitely needs a good spot to eat breakfast on a Sunday morning. The Waffle House is not good......
  25. Re: Official College Football Power Rankings - Week 10

    I think these chaps do a credible job of the power rankings......

    22 - Marshall
    25 - ULL
    61 - La Tech
    67 - FAU
    70 -...
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