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    Re: Prayer Request

    I'm glad that your sister is doing better. I've been praying for Blake's family since I first found out about it (separate site). I'll also keep your aunt in my prayers.

    I also like this...
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    Re: Newest possible investment...

    OK so I'm not really in the Blue but I'm gonna give my opinion anyways because that's what I do! The bracelets are a cool idea but have been done to the extreme by every charity/organization around...
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    Re: The Blue icon... work in progress...

    It's easy to get permission for the logo...there is a form on the Tech website that you can simply choose the one you want (solid black or blue/red or whatever...there's several) and then...
  4. Re: 5K Dawg Track- (A fundraiser for Tech Track + Field)

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that participated in the 5K or helped to organize it. I also helped to put it on and was astonished by the feedback we were getting from this board. Thanks...
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