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  1. Poll: Whatcha Think? Re: Who is starting at QB for the Bulldogs in our first conference game of 2022?

    After the Spring game last year, I thought we HAD to get a grad transfer. This year, I don't feel that way. Downing was the best of the bunch imo.
  2. Re: Offense Outpaces Defense in Special-Scoring Spring Game -

    I was surprised at the number of people who showed up at the Spring game. I also appreciated how it didn't drag on and on.
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    Re: Remaining '89 bleachers at Joe Aillet?

    Yeah, he sucks.
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    Re: SGA Fee Proposals

    Seems like the leaders of the largest student organizations didn't mobilize and promote "vote yes" propaganda. My daughter only heard the people who were against it. I'm not sure how much it would...
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    Re: SGA Fee Proposals

    There's a segment of the student population who thinks it's cool to bash Tech about everything. They don't plug into anything and some try to identify with "big time" universities and legitimize...
  6. Re: ESPN reporting Loftin entering transfer portal

    I don't think he'll better his situation by transferring to another school. I may be wrong but, like others have said, he's assuming his portion in the game plan will be comparable at another school...
  7. Whatcha Think? View Post

    Include it in the SGA proposal :laugh:
  8. Whatcha Think? View Post

    That's right! I remember now!
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    Re: SGA Fee Proposals

    I think the point was to bring representatives from the major campus organizations to the table so that each can benefit from the fee. Of course, the main objective is to increase the athletic budget...
  10. Re: Talvin Hester Named Bulldog Basketball Head Coach

    Hester has an air of authenticity about him. I imagine that's what makes him a good recruiter. I think he knows what he wants to do and he knows how to do it.

    Agreed about Eric Wood. Man, he is a...
  11. Whatcha Think? View Post

    Anyway nadB, I hope to see you back in the TAC. Miss seeing that blue sweatshirt with the Tech cap. Also remember the bbq from Brister's you bought me way back when.
  12. Whatcha Think? View Post

    No, I was wondering about his conference road record at FAU. Too lazy to look it up. :laugh:
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    Re: Lofton Declares for Draft, Leaves Door Open

    I've seen Jr every time I've gone to Tech (one of our daughters is a student). I've seen him at baseball games, student recruitment events, or just around campus. He's never "big-timed" me or anybody...
  14. Whatcha Think? View Post

    Crash the offensive glass and you're much more likely to surrender easier transition buckets on the other end. The statistics back it up. Unless you are an elite scoring team, you need to drop back...
  15. Whatcha Think? View Post

    How many conference away games has Dusty May won in 3 years?
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    I think you have a good point there. Seemed like our guys often started game trying to get a feel instead of playing with an edge.

    Mike White, who I also think is a good coach, never made the...
  17. Whatcha Think? View Post

    If he can produce a similar output at Tulsa, he'll make the NCAA tournament. I think he's a good coach.
  18. Whatcha Think? View Post

    Seems to me that the best measure would be against conference teams.
  19. Whatcha Think? View Post

    I thought "mediocre" meant average (like 50/50). If yall think Konkol was mediocre, you don't really want to see mediocre. He was good. That's why Tulsa hired him because he was good.
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    Seems like last year there was fortunate breaks for Western Kentucky in terms of forfeitures so they were able to avoid playing North Texas and UAB (or something like that). We won the west but not...
  21. Thread: The Dance

    by boxerdog

    Re: The Dance

    Houston beat the Big 10 champion worst than they beat UAB. They're really, really good.
  22. Whatcha Think? View Post

    Agreed about Konkol-- class act and great coach. It's not easy to get good players who are also good kids to come play basketball in Ruston. But Konkol has been able to do that and he has also shown...
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    Re: TX Southern beats UF by 15

    TX Southern is looking like one of our best wins of the season. :laugh:
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    Re: The Future: 2022-23 Men's Basketball Roster

    Oh I agree. But I've also seen some "Bigs" comparable schools are trotting out (talking about back-ups) and there's not alot of high level talent available. That includes UAB and North Texas.
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    Re: The Future: 2022-23 Men's Basketball Roster

    Willis was 2nd in the conference in 3pt fg %.
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