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  1. Re: Walker and Roberson Named to LSWA Teams

    Very much deserved!
  2. Re: Cincy, Houston & UCF moving to the Big XII

    I agree... We have tried to sell ourselves as having the Shreveport market, but that didn't work either.
  3. Re: Burroughs Receives New Contract Extension

    I know the man has his flaws, but he has taken this program up a notch and I love the success of the last two years. I am VERY happy with a new contract extension!!!!!
  4. Re: Cincy, Houston & UCF moving to the Big XII

    I agree... The law and medical school are more political and may be out of reach, but the other things are completely in our reach IF we make it a priority. This last round bothered me more than...
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    Looks like another good selection... I am getting excited to see if the Lady Techsters can finally jump up a few notches.
  6. Re: Stoehr Announces Perry as Associate Head Coach

    EXACTLY! Well stated! I would love nothing more than Brooke to stay and keep the improvements going.
  7. Re: Diamond Dogs Season Comes to an End in Austin

    Bad ending, but SO PROUD of our Diamond Dawgs!!!! First CUSA tournament win and 2 years going to the regionals! I hope we can continue this next year and FINALLY break that barrier of the regionals.
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    Re: GAME DAY vs. DBU

    Awesome game!!!!!! Let's take UT down tonight!!!!!!!!
  9. Re: Stoehr Announces Perry as Associate Head Coach

    I think it does come down to this year. Brooke is a little different than most HC's of other programs. She, not only, played at Tech (a star), but she is a HUGE supporter of all sports at Tech. ...
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    GAME DAY vs. DBU

    GO DAWGS!!!!!! Time to start the quest for that regional championship!!!!!! If we are "on", we can win this regional. One game at a time, though! DBU beat us in a mid-week match up early in the...
  11. Re: Stoehr Announces Perry as Associate Head Coach

    Ahhh.. Thanks! I knew he acted as an assistant - just got the titles mixed up. She looks like a great hire!
  12. Re: Stoehr Announces Perry as Associate Head Coach

    This is an AWESOME hire!!!! Did I miss what is happening with Scott (Brooke's husband). That was his title, anyway.
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    Re: 2022 Tournament Thread

    It was an AWESOME game! On edge the whole time, but we got it done!!!!!!! Let's head into the regionals with some confidence!
  14. Re: Lofton Declares for Draft, Leaves Door Open

    I hate he is leaving, but hope he shows off in the NBA and keeps the Tech flag waving!!! I wish him nothing but the best!
  15. Re: LA Tech Opens Conference Tournament Play with Charlotte

    Go dawgs!!!!!!!!!
  16. Re: @LATechSB drops Friday games in Denton

    Awesome! We should be a favorite next year....
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    Re: C-USA Tournament Predictions

    Unless I am missing something, I don't think being a 2 or a 3 is much different. Of course, that may depend on the seeds - as for as who we match up best against. I have seen us be a 2 seed in...
  18. Re: @LATechSB drops Friday games in Denton

    SO proud of our Techster softball team!!!!! They ran out of gas Friday, but went further than anyone expected this year!!!!!!
  19. Re: @LATechSB earns No. 1 seed in C-USA Tournament

    Lady Techsters just keep doing their thing, which is winning!!!!!! North Texas is no joke, though. Need to bring everything we have!!!!!
  20. Re: @LATechSB earns No. 1 seed in C-USA Tournament

    Here is the final bracket:

    I hate this is at North Texas. We beat them 2 out of 3 times at...
  21. Re: @LATechSB claims C-USA Title in dramatic fashion

    Excellent!!!!!!! What a come-back of a season! Now it is time to prepare for the tournament... The Techsters are making a statement that I hope the rest of our teams are watching.
  22. Re: Green, Menzina lead @LATechSB past USM

    The Lady Techsters will play for the conference regular season title today! They are tied up with North Texas, but beat North Texas 2 out of 3, so will be the champions and the #1 seed in the...
  23. Re: LA Tech Opens Series With Florida Atlantic Friday Night

    Need to take the series today now! Still lots of baseball left in the home stretch and we can still get the 2 seed going into the tournament. JUST WIN!
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    Re: @LATechSB drops midweek

    And it worked. The Techsters got it done in the first game of the final conference series...
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    Re: @LATechSB drops midweek

    . I would expect nothing less. 😅
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