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    Phil Matulia gear

    How did we not know about this?!?! Why isn't this sold at the stadium!!!

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    Re: Rotation Change

    Hope that this becomes Left Right Left... batters Friday night get used to a lefty and then are more confident/comfortable against Gibson.
  3. Re: Louisiana Tech Depth Chart - Game Eight at Old Dominion -

    We won't even have to use our other running play!!
  4. Re: Bates Selected in Ninth Round of 2021 MLB Draft


    Either he doesn't or he DOES!!
  5. Thread: 22 Roster

    by DocMarvin362

    Re: 22 Roster

    It's going to be an interesting off-season to watch here. Keys to watch for:

    Keeping the team together. How many and who transfers?
    Key replacements for Bates and Wells
  6. Re: Young Named Collegiate Baseball Third Team All-American
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    Re: D1 Bracket Challenge

    You're scared... I get it. We'll go on the honor system then.
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    Re: D1 Bracket Challenge

    Same... you have it locked down?
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    Re: Howard Doughty

    Good ole HoDo!! What a great man, always accompanied by his great wife!!
  10. Re: No. 14 Bulldogs Fall to No. 20 Old Dominion in Lengthy Thursday Night Matchup

    It would be interesting to see how we've performed in rained out/delayed games. On the top of my head, we've slipped in the mud in each continued game so far this season. Yea, this delay was only...
  11. Whatcha Think? Re: Presbyterian College punter probably needs to look into the portal

    Lane Train had no problem going for it on 4th down last time he was in the Joe. First game that I ever walked out early of..... right after another shanked punt of ours for about 5 yards.
  12. Re: No. 14 LA Tech Battles LSU in Key Midweek Matchup

    Parker and Steele will be gone. Matulia, McConnell and Myers should be the first line of Outfielders next year. No need to transfer.
  13. Re: Tickets to Friday or Sunday UTSA games?

    Cool, thank you!
  14. Re: LA Tech-FIU Doubleheader Finale Canceled Due to Heavy Rain

    Wish that we wouldn't have.
  15. No. 14 LA Tech Hosts UTSA for Senior Weekend

    Looking for tickets to one of this weekends games. The Annual birthday game for me. :laugh:

    I think 4 tickets, but can't find the information about who needs a ticket. (4 yo and 2 yo need...
  16. Thread: Dr. Guice

    by DocMarvin362

    Re: Dr. Guice

    A place where a bunch of Twit's all hang out together.
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    Re: National Rankings

    How long have you been here?!?! :laugh:
  18. Re: Schedule Update: No. 14 Bulldogs, Marshall Will Play at 10 a.m. on Sunday

    Halted GameSECTION 40. A game that is stopped at any time after its start and is to becompleted at a later date (see 5-9).

    No GameSECTION 11. “No game” shall be declared by the umpire if play is...
  19. Re: Schedule Update: No. 14 Bulldogs, Marshall Will Play at 10 a.m. on Sunday

    Game 1, or the first 3?
  20. Re: Bulldogs Compete at Pro Day -

    Which one? They tried 3.
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    Re: 4 Tickets to double header?

    Use the "Delete Thread" option
  22. Re: LA Tech Baseball Weekly Press Conference: April 13

    Well on the 8th Day, God created Baseball, so...yea.
  23. Re: Louisiana Tech to bid on Regionals, Super Regionals
  24. Re: No. 16 LA Tech Travels to Rice for Weekend Series

    4 of those wins came on the weekend of the Tornado. Surely they were distracted and you can't do that against a good team. If I recall correctly, we were starting to roll prior to that weekend and...
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    Re: Wells Tabbed LSWA Hitter of the Week

    I tried to get Fletcher to ask Coach "So Hunter Wells didn't get on base in 7 of his at-bats. What's wrong with him?" Fletch didn't catch on that I was being facetious and didn't ask the question...
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