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  1. Thread: He gone

    by StrongBad

    Re: Montgomery Steps Down at LA Tech

    He needs to go!
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    Re: A sleeping giant is finally waking up

    I hope that's sarcasm.

    We've beaten numerous P5 teams, even the last 3 times we played Alabama vs ULM's 1 win against them (which I think is their only P5 win).
  3. Re: Declining attendance is the rule, not the exception

    Football isn't popular for 2 reasons. It's too damn political, and it's all about revenue.

    It used to be about the game and who could play it the best, not being the best team who could sell the...
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    Re: Rutgers Univ sues Ruston High

    I learned something new. I'm not sure how any of it is relevant to what I said originally. Tech simply wasn't pulling 3+ star recruits like they do now. That was the gist of what I was saying all...
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    Re: Rutgers Univ sues Ruston High

    Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, but Tech was in the Southland Conference from 1971–1986. I don't recall that conference ever being Division I-A. Please enlighten me with citations.
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    Re: Rutgers Univ sues Ruston High

    Fred Dean and Johnny Robinson played for RHS, La Tech, and the NFL. Kentrell Brice didn't play during that era, but has been successful. He plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers now. Justin Rockett ...
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    Re: UConn Leaving AAC for Big East

    In a nutshell, it's all about which schools can sell the most beer for ESPN. The more beer you sell, the bigger your budget grows, not because of proceeds from beer sales, but because of all the new...
  8. Thread: Creel to USM

    by StrongBad

    Re: Creel to USM

    So you're saying I should listen to you for things to come? What else do you know?
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    Re: Oh, What Could Have Been!

    He could care less, but doesn't. He seems to care.
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    Re: So You're Saying...

    It seems like Coach Holtz likes to play just good enough to get attention and lose just enough to play in the worst bowls to get a win and pad his resume. Don't be surprised if he gets a win.
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    Re: Rutgers Univ sues Ruston High

    Ruston has played about as good as Rutgers ever since they started using the "R" logo. They didn't have a logo at all when they won all of those state championships or when they were ranked #1 in...
  12. Re: Herald-Dispatch: Tech ‘Definite Player’ for C-USA Title

    People keep knocking North Texas, but they have 4 things Louisiana Tech does not have - a law school, a med school, money because of their new law school and med school (these alumni will put the...
  13. Re: Football. @LATechSports To Honor Top 50 Players in Joe Aillet Stadium History - l

    Voting ends May 30th, but the file on Google drive doesn't exist as of May 24th.

    "Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist."
  14. Re: Long (really long) day for ’Dogs in Biloxi

    This team folded like a lawn chair ready to be put away for the season.
  15. Re: A Look Back: @LATechSB Pleads 5th in Opening Day Loss

    The game changed when Jenny Chapman was replaced on the mound. There was no good reason to take her out. She struck out all the batters she faced. **Shrug**
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    Re: @LATechSB Headed to Baton Rouge Regional

    RPI basically means that the best teams out of the teams that can sell the most beer for ESPN are the better team. It's complete bullshit.
  17. Re: Tech to Square off with C-USA Foe Rice in Weekend Set

    Just because you say I changed the subject doesn't mean I did. NSU isn't very good and neither is LSU, but we're worse. We suck.
  18. Re: Tech to Square off with C-USA Foe Rice in Weekend Set

    Missed the whole point. LSU has lost to NSU, McNeese, Southern, ULL, and barely squeaked one out against SLU (in the 9th) and Nicholls (in the 10th). LSU is not the standard no matter how much you...
  19. Re: Tech to Square off with C-USA Foe Rice in Weekend Set

    That's only 7 more wins than losses, and which team in Louisiana hasn't beaten LSU? I hope we aren't one of the few that hasn't.
  20. Re: Tech to Square off with C-USA Foe Rice in Weekend Set

    Guess who they play next. It's going to be a giveaway on the coach and AD's behalf.
  21. Re: Tech to Square off with C-USA Foe Rice in Weekend Set

    With all that's going on, I'll give them a pass for the rest of the season, win or lose.
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    Re: Bulldogs Fall to Late McNeese Rally

    That loss hurt. Dropped us below sorry ole Clemson who has 1 win is the last 9 games. Actually, that's proof of how much SOS is bull$#!^. Just be a member of a conference that sells the most beer for...
  23. Re: Diamond ‘Dogs Prepare for Two Midweek Contests

    8 points is sad. Arkansas-Little Rock has some quality wins, too (e.g. Arkansas, Coastal Carolina, UTA). We get 5.9 just for Middle Tennessee beating Austin Peay, if they beat them.
  24. Thread: Stretch Run

    by StrongBad

    Re: Stretch Run

    Tech is 7th in the nation on the road. It's the home games that worry me. 8 of 12 losses are at home.
  25. Re: Dawgs add #2 Miss State for midweek game

    I'd still like to see proof that the Plowboys have been added to the schedule, but I guess I'll have to wait and see.
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