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  1. Re: Bulldogs Suffer Second Straight OT Loss -

    I watched the second half and OT.

    What a mistake.
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    Re: 2022 Coaching Carousel

    We need to fire our Special Teams Coach and the entire defensive coaching staff….now. Start over from scratch.

    We are the worst team in FBS. We looking like a freshman JUCO team. No size, no...
  3. Re: What will it take to drive game attendance up?

    One other major point - TV timeouts - the length of games impacts P5 programs as well. Unless it is a marquee top 20 matchup, P5s are not selling out and fans flee the stadium at half and 3rd...
  4. Re: What will it take to drive game attendance up?

    Winning and winning all the time.

    We are a bad team right now with very little D1 talent. Is will be a multi year project to get us back to decent.

    We have a huge positive - we have great...
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    Re: Peanut Buckets Coming to DAWGTOWN

    So - things are improving in the restaurant service arena - people are working again.

    I am worried about inflation a prices though - that could slow down business quickly. Beer and alcohol is...
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    Re: Peanut Buckets Coming to DAWGTOWN

    Update - Dawghouse

    We had good service and good food at our last visit - issues are much improved
  7. Re: Bulldogs and Mean Green Ink Home-and-Home Series -

    We will have football! Heck, we will probably be in a conference with UNT within 5 years.

    We won’t be playing Arkansas, Miss State, Nebraska, etc. anymore…..but neither will 2/3 of current FBS...
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    Whatcha Think? Re: USC, UCLA to Big 10?

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    Re: Mega G5 Conference

    The TV market kills us. Pair that with the athletic budget and we just don’t check the Disney boxes.

    I mean, Boise State is a glorified junior college but they will probably land in a new Big 12...
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    Mega G5 Conference

    Some good news

    Some believe that there will be 2 or 3 super power conferences - Tech will not be part of that. Good news is that there appears to be a mega G conference forming to get some...
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    Whatcha Think? Re: USC, UCLA to Big 10?

    I don’t think Baylor will be picked up by anyone. Too much baggage and too much religion.
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    Re: Peanut Buckets Coming to DAWGTOWN

    Losing Scott’s hurts.

    That said, it has been many years since I ate there - still remember the meal - a Friday night buffet fit for a king.
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    Whatcha Think? Re: USC, UCLA to Big 10?

    This only confirms what members of this board have said for nearly 2 decades.

    There will be a few “power conferences” and they will have their own rules and regulations. They will control the...
  14. Re: Cincy, Houston & UCF moving to the Big XII

    PAC12 is bringing on the following Big12 schools:

    Iowa State
    Kansas State
    Oklahoma State
    Texas Tech

    Final spot is a pickem between Baylor and TCU - TCU has the edge.
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    JS still under throws receivers down the field. If he could put the ball in front of 4.3 guys 20 yards day the field, he would be in the NFL right now.
  16. Re: LA Tech Travels to Charlotte for Final Conference Series

    I can’t believe how bad Rice and Tulane are at baseball now.

    We need at least 2 out of 3 and 2 wins in Hattiesburg for a shot at getting into a regional.

    We will probably Tech it up and sweep...
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    If Missouri starts that young man, we will win despite a new coaching staff and an overhauled roster.
  18. Re: ESPN reporting Loftin entering transfer portal

    Good for him.
    Get paid as much as possible - surround yourself around people to get you to the NBA
    He was not at the first meeting with the new coach - so expected this would happen
    Bet he goes to...
  19. Re: LA Tech 2022 Revised Football Schedule Released -

    It won't.

    We could have Alabama come in the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving and no one would be there to see it.
  20. Re: LA Tech Football Season Tickets Available Monday -

    let's get some clarity on:

    the park
    parking passes
  21. Re: LA Tech Meets Southern Miss For Three-Game Set in Hattiesburg

    I think we did that to try to keep the score from being 17-2. May be complete BS but told we are no where close to 100% healthy.
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    Just In: Re: Hester's Staff - First Hire

    that budget....
  23. Re: Is anyone making the trip to Hattiesburg this weekend??

    I think we have a case of the flu going through our ranks. The stomach and chest congestion strain......doubt we win a game.
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    Re: SGA Fee Proposals

    The fees don't materially change anything in our overall position and there are some very questionable areas.
    Hopefully, it will fall flat and we can get some real changes in place. This is simply...
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    Re: Serious Conference Realignment Discussion

    If Tulane shows an ounce of commitment to their athletic department, they will be included for sure.

    Historically, that has been a big if.
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