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I love that a public school is in the Dome playing for the "private" school championship.

This is what the Bossier Parish principals get for trying to stick it to Byrd.

The last time Byrd won a state championship in football was in 1949.

It sucks that the championship game is at 8:30 on a Thursday night.
I am on record of being against this stupid split. And yes, even with Rummel back in the Dome, I am still against it. I doubt we would have made the Dome this year playing in the former 5A configuration. But, that's okay. At least it would be real.

As for this game, Byrd is a good team, a quality opponent. Say what you will about this "tournament" but both Rummel and Byrd won their way into this "championship" game. Taken at face value, it's a game worth winning. I suppose one can compare it to college teams that don't end up in the BcS title game, but rather a bowl game. This game, given the quality of the competition in the "tournament" is comparable to the Sugar, Rose, or other major bowl game (using the CFB analogy).

But....how do we know (for sure) Byrd or Rummel wouldn't have advanced to a true 5A title game? We don't know that. Keep in mind it was the public schools that ran from the private schools citing their inability to compete. I don't share that opinion. But, again, this was all on the public schools. Most, probably all, the private schools voted against the split. Yeah, I know Byrd is a public school too. Just lumping them in with those us separated from the pack.

I mentioned previously, especially in 5A, the public schools have more than held their own over the years, winning state championships most of the time. There is no evidence the 5A public schools are at a competitive disadvantage. Was this really just about Curtis then? That's what I hear most often. If so, then do something about Curtis and leave the rest of us alone.

Hopefully the powers-that-be will come to their senses and reverse this stupid split. In the meantime, I will never pass on the opportunity to see my beloved alma mater, the Raiders! play for some kind of "championship."

8:30 on a Thursday? Doesn't matter......I'm there!