The reported target date of Sept 1st to have new prezzes in place has been pushed back. It's more open-ended now, but still appears to be a mid-Fall target. Say, some time in October. Maybe.

Now, I'm seeing some of the political maneuvering going on at NSU. Don't have any knowledge of the GSU process. But I'm sure it's pretty much the same: politics.

Based on what I was told, the movement back of the target date is a direct result of the political power-game. One faction needed more time to promote their candidate.

Want to add, based on my experiences, Sandra Woodley is doing a great job as President of the ULS. I have had several conversations with her and I like what I hear. BUT! she is up against the old-guard Louisiana political machines that will fight her tooth and nail. So, we'll see what she can actually accomplish here.

The new prezzes of NSU and GSU should provide some insight into the direction the ULS is likely to follow. Business as usual, or a new direction? We'll see.