I feel the same about your midfield, fullbacks and centerback. I think we actually have some quality depth in the midfield (still needs to keep maturing but talent is available), and I feel pretty good at center back and right back. Left back Robison is a natural left foot but he didn't play great this window.

I think GB prefers Steffen. As a soccer coach and keeper coach I have always subscribed to the the theory, in the absence of substantial talent difference you ride the hot hand with keepers. There are sometimes I considered one keeper over the other against a particular opponent, but I am not sure it ever really made a difference in the outcome. Turner took his shot during the previous window and made it tougher for Steffen to be viewed as a clear number 1 and that's all you can do when the coach gives you your chance.

The number 9 position is tough, a lot of young talent that needs more minutes at the international level, or needs more minutes just to have enough game time to judge accurately.

Pepi may be the most dynamic but is the least experienced
Pefok, I would just like to see him more.
Dike kind of reminds me of Altidore at that age