Some of you may recall when I posted about George Soros' being a Hitler Youth Nazi while a youth in Budapest, Hungary. And how he switched to being a commie when the Russians occupied Budapest, then back to being a Nazi, when the Germans were there.... that was during about a 6-month span in 1944. The city changed hands 5 times, the Germans finally withdrawing in the fall so that Hitler could prepare his offensive on the western front, his aim to capture Antwerp, Belgium. Hitler needed some of those units from the east. He launched his now famous offensive through the Ardennes Forest and pushed the allies back in what became known as the Battle of the Bulge. After that petered out, Hitler once again turned his attention to Hungary, namely the all-important oil fields and refineries in eastern Hungary. Budapest was the key to holding eastern Hungary.

Thus a 5th column of German operatives were recruited to sabotage Russian equipment, blow up bridges, cut communication lines, etc... well, while it is not confirmed, it does appear little Georgie had an interest in joining such a partisan force.

Just finished a book on that whole campaign which Hitler launched in early March, 1945. It was a desperate attempt, late in the war, to save his regime. Very interesting, if you're into military history. Basically he sent a Panzer Army of about 300,000 men and 500 tanks to retake eastern Hungary from 1.5 million Soviet and Bulgarian troops. That offensive was doomed to fail from the beginning. But, the Germans, spearheaded by their Tiger and Panther tanks, drove 20 miles through the Russian defenses before the weather and Russian counter-attacks put an end to the effort. The detail provided is remarkable.

History is great. My interest in researching Soros led me to this book. The more you learn, the more you realize you don't know, and motivates you to continue learning.

Just a side note to this forum.